Balcony of the landscape

"Balcony of the landscape", as Belalcázar is also known, is a municipality located in the south west of Caldas, founded in 1888. It is famous for its monument to “Christ the King” in the "Alto del Oso", from where you can see different the typical landscapes of the coffee region. The monument stands 45 meters above the flat part of the municipality, and from its highest point, after 154 stairs, tourists appreciate the valleys of Risaralda and Cauca. It is considered the tallest monument in the world in its style, surpassing, for example, the Christ of Rio de Janeiro by 7 meters.

The municipality currently has 10,448 inhabitants, who live, mostly, by the crops of banana, coffee and sugarcane, and from the tourism, since there is an important entertainment and cultural activity. In addition to the Christ the King you can visit the temple of the Immaculate Conception, which with a Gothic style gives a special touch to the central square; a few minutes away, in the La Estampilla themed ecopark, there are walks and trails adorned with the representative flora and fauna of the region, where you can visit an indigenous cemetery, a pre-Columbian art museum, and a simulation of a pre-Columbian indigenous village. And in the Charco Negro, in Las Delicias, you can enjoy a cold natural bath in a waterfall of crystalline water. It is, in a nutshell, a unique natural destination.


The municipality located at an average altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, and only 52 kilometers from Pereira and 69 from Manizales separate it.

For more information visite: Rutas del Paisaje Cultural Cafetero


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