Quality PCC’s Coffee

The area where the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia (PCC) is located is known for having organic-rich soils, usually derived from volcanic ash, with vertiginous slopes between 1,200 and 2,000 meters above sea level.

Climate is characterized by average temperatures around 22°C with 1,200 to 3,000 cubic millimeters of annual rainfall distributed throughout the year. This is one of the most important natural resources needed for the optimal production of mild Arabica coffee. 

Coffee processing in farms begins by picking the ripe coffee beans by hand. The wet-milling process, key step for preserving the coffee’s quality, comes afterwards. Once in the beneficiadero or processing plant, the ripe fruits are pulped, demucilaged, washed and dried.

Cenicafé’s Becolsub and Ecomill® technologies enable ripe coffee beans to be pulped without using water and demucilaged and washed with less than a liter of water per coffee kilogram. Additionally, it transforms the pulp and mucilage into biofuels and other useful products for the coffee industry.

Thanks to scientific and technological developments, by using the Californian red worm, the pulp can be turned into organic fertilizer. This fertilizer is used either for producing healthy planting material, or for fertilizing organic coffee growing in replacement of mineral fertilizers.    

In order to ensure safe storage without acquiring unpleasant odors or flavors, after coffee beans undergo the wet-milling process they must be dried until they reach a maximum of 12% moisture. With this in mind, Cenicafé has developed alternatives for drying coffee that support the PCC’s environmental sustainability such as solar drying parabolic systems.

The phytosanitary field has also experienced important developments in terms of environmental sustainability through the development of new and resistant varieties. Plague, disease, and weed control is essential for the proper development of coffee plantations.

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