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Murals showing the history of the arrieros, the coffee process, the fauna and flora of Quindío and the Quimbaya culture decorate the capital of the department of Quindío. the works are located in Plaza Bolívar, Centenario Avenue, La Estación, Carrera 19 and other emblematic sites.

The Milling Wall


Henry Villada Tamayo, artist in charge of the work, had an area of 50 meters long and 6 meters high, where among coffee plantations, the process of coffee, the mule and the history of the Willys Jeep mentioned: "There is embodied the arrieros in the Quindío. Everything that meant in the process of the visit of the Spaniards and then comes a large black and white photograph where a tribute to the muleteers is made. In short, but thin sections, the story of the Willys Jeep appears, which displaces the arrieros. All in a very quindiana recreation, with guaduas and typical elements of the department ".


Green roads


In the heart of the Plaza Bolívar, the artwork 'Caminos verdes' welcomes locals and tourists alike. The elements drawn on the site characterize the Coffee Cultural Landscape, PCCC. "We made a mural for the city hall, because the idea of the mayor is that the place is decorated. To develop it, we handled the acrylic technique and made a thematic tour, starting with the páramo, in the sequence we showed the way the city has prospered, we started with the traditional Willys Jeep, then we showed the fauna and flora, then the coffee and we highlight the birds, "said Juan Carlos Marmolejo, artist in charge of the work. To read the full note please click on this link


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