Essence Social capital

Family effort transmitted from generation to generation in order to produce an excellent quality coffee

This is one of the four criteria that define the exceptional universal value of the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia (PCC).

The PCC is the result of the unflagging endeavor of various generations of coffee growers to adapt their crops to the challenging conditions of the Colombian Andes. The region’s coffee industry counts with:  

  • The commitment of coffee growers to produce a high quality coffee
  • The predominance of small productive units
  • Mountain grown coffee produced at an average 1.540 meters above sea level
  • Symmetric crop paths (simetría en los trazados)
  • A selective product

The region is a living and changing landscape where coffee is the social, cultural and economic epicenter.

The PCC reflects 100 years of crop adaptation to the adverse conditions of the Colombian Andes. It is the result of the continuous efforts of numerous generations of coffee growers and their families to ensure their livelihood.

Coffee is grown in approximately 24.000 farms of the region’s main area and is one of its main sources of income. Although related crops such as corn, plantain and beans are common, coffee is the predominant product accounting for an average of 57% of the farms’ total grown area.

Steep slope coffee growing, with average slopes near 50%, predominates in the PCC. This feature has notorious consequences on coffee growing because it requires particular conservation techniques, precautious planting across the slope, selective weeding, and specific shading. Besides generating a coffee growing model that relies on labor, steep slope coffee growing has led to the selective harvesting which has granted the region’s coffee a unique quality acknowledged worldwide.

Small and medium size productive units are another of the region’s features. The average size of the coffee producing farms in the landscape’s main area is 4,6 hectares. 2,6 of these hectares are grown in coffee.  

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