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Coffee is a very complex product that we have treated very badly. " It is one of the first things that Jaime Duque tells me about finding him in the peculiar space he has built in Usaquen, the first district of Bogota. And he explains it to me without preamble. "The world has not had coffee; has taken a mixture of bad coffees mixed with some good coffee to match and two or three sachets of sugar, not forgetting the milk they add to most of the preparations. So far we have mixed coffees and it is time to offer it as it is to be able to discover it. In Colombia alone there are 560,000 different possibilities

Not bad for starters. Jaime Duque shows himself as what he is: a peculiar personage and above all a coffee fanatic - that part makes it very clear to me: "coffee is life, my life" - that inhabits a peculiar and suggestive world. It is called Public Catación and appears to be a neighborhood cafe: elongated local, a bar with counters, exhibitors and coffee makers, three round tables with two metal chairs and some slates covering the walls. In the background you can see a toaster isolated by a glass wall. The first surprise is that in this coffee business no coffee is served or at least it is not made in the traditional way. Things are very different. They have divided the bar into two, one part reserved for a traditional coffee machine dedicated to the preparation of espresso and the other dedicated to the preparation of filtered coffees (French press, chemex, aeropress, drip ...). Customers are also different. They do not come to drink coffee but to buy it to take it home or to receive training courses. No more alternatives. One of the slates explains it in detail: four 45-minute courses each (tasting, filtered, cappuccinos ...), three advanced courses of between one and three days and five professional courses that can reach six days. "We do pedagogy in front of a coffee bar.


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