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Eating is one of the greatest pleasures we can find in life, in a food we can find countless sensations and flavors, everyone enjoys their favorite food, from the simplest as an ice cream to the most complex as chiles en nogada to cite some examples, in the world there is a great range of flavors, in a single food we can discover many other flavors and sensations, this is the case of coffee, favorite of many readers of this blog. And if ever in our lives while we are eating something we have come to ask, What gives this flavor to my food? The answer is in the organoleptic characteristics of each food, that is, the characteristics that the material has to be able to perceive through the senses, taste, texture, color.

Coffee also possesses such organoleptic properties that will give a unique flavor to our cup, this flavor may vary depending on the process with which the grain has passed, growing, harvesting, processing, toasting, grinding, preparation, etc. But in addition to this the organoleptic properties of coffee will always be there, sometimes they may develop or not everything depends on the process that has led.


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