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¿What is the Paisaje Cultural?

The CCP is an outstanding example of human adaptation to difficult geographical conditions on which a mountain and hillside crop was developed.

It is a cultural landscape in which natural, economic and cultural elements are combined with a high degree of homogeneity in the region, which is an exceptional case in the world. In this landscape, the human, family and generational efforts of coffee growers are combined with the permanent accompaniment of their institutions.  

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  • Jaime Quintero

    The cultural landscape places coffee growers are beautiful, everyone should know them.

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    Excellent page It is an established fact too long ago that a reader will be distracted by the content of the text of a site while looking at its design.

Caldas is on the road to quality denomination of origin of its coffee.

These are the strategic partners to get to know the PPC coffee in Caldas. By clicking on the link, you will find some results, reports and documents about the project.

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